Pork Chops With Honey And Mustard (In The Oven)
September 4, 2022
T he Greek answer to manuka honey! Research from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki examined 48 different Greek honeys and the result was amazing! Research by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki proves the beneficial action of Greek honey in the human organism. 48 different samples of honey were collected from all over Greece and from all the flowers, and no one expected their composition hiding so many properties better even from the many popular honey from abroad such as manuka!


State: Semi-runny, very thick.
Color: Dark brown, almost black.
FlavorRobust, unique, rich velvety flavors of molasses, notes of vanilla, walnuts and dates, dark chocolate.
Oak honey is a rare and special kind of tree honey. Harvested from the honeydew produced in the bark of the trunk of the ancient oak tree combined with the varieties of the wild herbs of the forest. The beehives moved to the virgin oak forest of Thessalia and Epirus Greece at harvesting this excellent quality of honey.

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The research involved honey, oak, pine, fir, chestnut, orange, thyme and everything was unique, according to Professor Chrysoula Tanakaki, they had a tremendous antioxidant effect and could with incredible effectiveness fight off the free radicals and the degeneration of the cells they cause cancer.
So rare finds about Greek honey!
These antioxidant properties also enabled the organization to “overload” it with defensive mechanisms for all diseases.
Glucose and fructose in honey are in their simplest form. So digestible for the body that can make a real miracle. There is no connection with sugar that destroys organs and their proper functioning. Honey, when it enters the body, is recognized as a “biological product,” and the glucose absorbed in the blood is made in moderation (takes whatever the body needs) and not uncontrollable as it does with sugar.
These are very important discoveries that remind us once again of the invaluable value of Greek honey and that it must be consumed twice every day.
Honey is one of the few products today that has not been influenced by human evolution, industrial activity, pesticides, etc. The bee has its way of collecting only pure flowers, and producing “treasure” anywhere is located.
In the research done by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, another awesome discovery was made. They took a sample of manuka honey (the honey from abroad that was advertised worldwide as the best for its pharmaceutical properties) and compared its composition with ours. The result was unexpected. The well-known manuka honey did not have such antioxidant action as Greek honey. In particular, the research showed that honey with the most antioxidant action was honey oak and followed by fir, heather, chestnut, pine, thyme and orange.
Oak honey is characterized as honey of very high nutritional value. Rich in antioxidants and minerals, it contains large quantities of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium. The enzymes it contains support metabolism and vital organ function. Compared to nectar honey, honeydew honey has less sugars (72% vs 76%) and less water content, but the content of micro elements and salts is more than ten (some even claim to be 15 to 30) times higher. Exactly these qualities make the Oak Honeydew Honey an exceptional superfood beneficial for the humans.
Indisputable proof of the special qualities of oak honey is its rich content of vital vitamins (B1, B2, FP, B12 and B6), minerals, carbohydrates, folic acid, monosaccharides (glucose, levulinose, fructose) and high-molecular sugars (melicitosis). It is composed of a large amount of free amino acids and the mineral substances in it are between 5 and 9 times more than in light nectar honey types. These undisputable facts also determine the great healing power of the oak honeydew honey.


100 gr
ENERGY 335 kcal / 1,402 kJ
of which Sugars
Fructose 32.1 gr
Glucose 23.5 gr
Sucrose 1.7 gr
SODIUM 18.87 mg
VITAMIN C 4.9 mg
VITAMIN B2 0.1 mg
POTASIUM 471.5 mg
PROTEIN 0.2 gr
FAT 0.2 gr
CALCIUM 57.2 mg
Oak honey is used to treat liver, stomach and kidney disease. Recommended for viral and influenza infections, anemia and overwork. Improves blood circulation and balances the metabolism, it also has an antioxidant effect, increases and maintains the body’s defense. Black honey “oak” is a very effective and useful sexual tonic for diabetics and is very rich in minerals, which makes it a friend of the heart, the high potassium content in it keeps the heart functioning naturally and reduce blood pressure and prevent angina.
Oak honey is very useful for pregnant women, especially in the first six months because it contains calcium and iron.
Two tablespoons of oak honey contain 274 mg of calcium, the same percentage as in a glass of milk. This rich calcium gives the consumer teeth and bones strong and healthy, is considered oak honey rejuvenation and sports activity and skin purifier and treatment for anemia and poor growth in children and stimulates memory.
It is a cure for many chronic diseases such as kidney infections, throat infections, pharynx, chest allergies and purifies the lungs. In addition, it is very useful for prostate infections in men, good for self and urinary incontinence and helps not to urinate in bed, regulates the digestive system and regulates digestion and strengthens the liver and is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids .It is a natural energy source that stimulates the day-to-day activity of modern people and helps to overcome stressful situations.

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